Hi, I'm Vince
Hey. I'm a Graphic Designer and Writer from Los Angeles. Currently, I'm working at a NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and am not seeking freelance work. I'm always looking to connect and collaborate creatively, so feel free to reach out.
Over the last decade, I've worked as a Film Production Manager, Hotel Concierge, Travel Writer, Manny, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, and Brand Director.
My path has been unorthodox, but it’s been curated by a 
passion for self-development and intellectual exploration.
I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration (with a focus on Marketing and Advertising). Since then, as I mentioned, I’ve worked in a range of capacities — but the underlying consistency has been the development of my creative skills that have been vital to the success of my creative projects. I produced a TV pilot; I created, developed, designed, and contributed to a travel writing and photography blog (and traveled the world to populate it); I wrote for blogs and companies in the UK and Spain; I worked as a project manager and graphic designer for a boutique PR Agency in LA; I designed all of the social and marketing content for a global Esports company; I’ve written three screenplays; my brother and I started a free outdoor movie theater in Silver Lake, now in its 7th season. In the last few years, my primary focus and source of income has been graphic design and copywriting. 
My favorite places (besides LA) are London, Bangkok, Sydney, Warsaw, the Isle of Sheppey, Udaipur, Edinburgh, Lima, US National Parks, and anywhere that I've slept in a tent.
Some of my other interests include: art history, architecture (I’m a volunteer docent for historic Art Deco walking tours), meditation, moral philosophy/ethics, persuasive communication, productivity, effective altruism, systems thinking, food ethics and policy, climate science, evolution, and nutrition to name a few.
You can get in touch at: hello [at] vincerobbins [dot] com