Hi, I'm Vince
Hey. I'm a Graphic Designer and Writer from Los Angeles. Currently, I'm working at a NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Over the last decade, I've worked as a Film Production Manager, Hotel Concierge, Travel Writer, Manny, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, and Brand Director. I did some travel writing and photography; I wrote for blogs and companies in the UK and Spain; I worked as a project manager and graphic designer for a boutique PR Agency in LA; I designed all of the social and marketing content for a global Esports company; I’ve written five screenplays; my brother and I started a free outdoor movie theater in Silver Lake.
My favorite places (besides LA) are Bangkok, Sydney, the Isle of Sheppey, Udaipur, and anywhere that I've slept in a tent.
Some of my other interests include: art history, architecture (I’m a volunteer docent for historic Art Deco walking tours), meditation, moral philosophy/ethics, persuasive communication, productivity, effective altruism, systems thinking, food ethics and policy, climate science, evolution, and nutrition to name a few.
You can get in touch at: hello [at] vincerobbins [dot] com