Hey, I'm Vince
I work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory writing feature stories about the missions, the people, and whatever else my curiosity leads me to.
I've also written many feature screenplays and a few television screenplays. I love history and am particularly fascinated and inspired by historical stories that uncover lesser-known epochs and characters. But my writing is not limited to history — I've written comedies, dramedies, coming-of-age road trips, and heists. 
My screenplays have been recognized in the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the semifinals of Austin Film Festival, the top 50 of the Tracking Board Launch Pad competition, and the Black List + StudioCanal + Cannes Film Festival writing residency.
Outside of writing, I've also worked as a Film Production Manager, Hotel Concierge, Travel Writer, Manny, Project Manager, and Brand Director. I did some travel writing and photography; I wrote for blogs and companies in the UK and Spain; I worked as a project manager and graphic designer for a boutique PR Agency in LA; I designed all of the social and marketing content for a global Esports company; I taught English at a high school in Baeza, Spain; and my brother and I started a free outdoor movie theater in Silver Lake.
I'm from Los Angeles and some of my other favorite places are Bangkok, Sydney, the Isle of Sheppey, Udaipur, and anywhere that I've slept in a tent. Some of my other interests include: art history, architecture (I’m a volunteer docent for historic Art Deco walking tours), meditation, moral philosophy/ethics, persuasive communication, productivity, effective altruism, systems thinking, food ethics and policy, climate science, evolution, and nutrition to name a few.
You can get in touch at: robbinsvince [at] gmail [dot] com.